Inspired by the movie 'Arrival', We created a message receiving device from the universe in Japan. vol.6


It is Eiki Co., Ltd. which boasts No. 1 achievements and technical capabilities in the asbestos demolition work of in Toyama Prefecture in Japan!!


Do you want to meet an alien?

I am timid so I do not want to see them.
But if a message is being sent from the alien toward the Earth, I would like to receive it and decipher it.


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About the movie “Arrival(2016)”   

The other day, I watched a movie “Arrival” with a rental DVD. It is a story that a spaceship comes to the earth.

The Japanese title is “Message” and japanese notation is “メッセージ”.



20171127k01 (Japanese Poster  Source: “Message” Sony Pictures)

The shape of this spaceship is very similar to Japanese rice confectionery “Bakauke” .

Director Denis Villeneuve  said in a greeting to the Japanese that the design of the spaceship of the movie was influenced by Japanese rice confectionery “Bakauke” . 
Is it a joke?  No, it may be true.
Please watch this poster of  rice confectionery “Bakauke”Click here


The movie starts like this …

Several spaceships descend all over the world.
Mankind is uneasy because of not know why the spaceship came to the earth.
In order to explore the purpose of the alien, each government dispatches a linguist to the space ship.
Linguists come in contact with aliens and try to understand their language.


What is your favorite movies in them with the theme of contact with an alien ?


I am excited about “Close Encounters of the Third Kind(1977)” and “Contact(1997)

Even now I watch these DVDs every few years to borrow them.

The words of movie”contact” is impressive.


Only one thing is certain, the universe is enormously big. … If there were only Earthlings in the universe, this wide universe is a waste.

I learned how small we are. At the same time how we are priceless. We are part of a bigger one, we humanity is never lonely.

You guys(=Mankind) are interesting. It is a complex seed. There is also the ability to follow a beautiful dream. I also draw destructive nightmare. I feel at a loss, I feel lonely. You are different now. We noticed. It is “mutual existence” that heals loneliness.

From these words, what did you feel?


Is a mysterious signal reaching the earth from outer space?


About the project to capture the signal from space, NHK, a public broadcaster in Japan, was broadcasting special programs.
I will quote some sentences from NHK’s website.


It is the world’s largest radio telescope which was just completed in September in China.
It has a diameter of 500 meters, and the size is for 30 soccer courts.
Now, with this huge radio telescope, I am about to catch the radio waves emitted by aliens.

… … … … … … … …

Actually, both in the United States and Australia, huge radio telescopes are working together to search for aliens.
This project named ‘Breakthrough · Listen’.
Russian investors funded it and realized it by calling researchers all over the world.

… … … … … … … …

The mysterious signal was captured in May of the year (2015).
When you point toward a fixed star and its planet in Hercules.

I caught a strong radio wave that does not exist in nature.
It lasts about 2 seconds.

Rattan 600 Laboratory Nikolai Bruzov Senior Research Fellow
“This was the first time.
As far as I know, I have never received a signal that seems to be from space. “

Russian television program
“It seems that aliens can not say that it is a story of SF.”

American TV show
“It is talked about whether it is a message sent from far away civilization.”

… … … … … … … …

It is argued among researchers that whether to contact extraterrestrial intelligent life in the first place or not is also now being discussed.
For example, Dr. Hawking says “I definitely should avoid contact”.

It is because why the Earth is invaded like Columbus discovered the Americas.

Meanwhile, one of the pioneers of extraterrestrial intelligent life exploration, Dr. Kaldashov of Russia is the position that “should contact positively” on the contrary.

Earthlings are the reason why they should learn from more sophisticated extraterrestrial intelligent life.
Even among researchers, opinion is divided into two.


Although contact seems dangerous, I really want to receive and decrypt messages that came from space.


In order to capture the signal from the space, Eiki Co., Ltd. has produced a message receiving device  using waste materials.


The device is divided into five units: 【a power generation unit】, 【a control unit】, 【a reception unit】, 【a projection/sound unit】, and 【an operation unit】.

First of all, please see Overall image of a message r
eceiving device.


2017-11-27 13.30.09


2017-11-27 13.29.52


                         Shooting from behind. Sorry for the background editing is not clean.


Next is pictures for each unit.

【 a power generation unit】

2017-11-27 13.30.53
We will generate solar power with glass, but in Toyama prefecture in winter the sunshine time is short and it is troubled.
In order to compensate for electricity generation, we collect rainwater and snowmelt in the funnel. It is a mechanism to supplement power by vaporizing water.

【a control unit】

2017-11-27 13.31.04


2017-11-28 09.46.54

This is, indeed, “machine-like”. As expected, it is a control unit that controls the operation of the whole device.
Since hands are built in at the top, you will be able to say that they were useful in carrying.


【a reception unit】

2017-11-28 09.52.09

There is still room for improvement in the receiving part.
We tried and error to determine the shape of the antenna, but the best shape has not been determined yet.


2017-11-27 13.30.38



When there is a signal reaction, the light flashes first.

【a projection/sound unit】

2017-11-27 13.31.17

Display the analyzed radio waves.
The retro feeling of a cathode-ray tube has a good taste, is not it?


2017-11-28 09.45.36

By high-performance speakers, we convert radio waves arriving from space into sound and listen. I am sorry for monaural.

2017-11-28 09.44.16

The knob that adjusts the picture and sound is a nostalgic atmosphere.


【an operation unit】

2017-11-28 09.43.47

The controller of the game machine is done well. The operation is smooth.

A brown pedestal is a reproduced item made by Eiki. 
How to make a pedestal→Click here

The next tool is also indispensable.
We named it “Spooner”
(We are considering applying for patents and trademark rights)

Although it is hard to understand in the photograph, in fact the part of the saucer of “Spooner” is flat.
Even if you lose the original function, role and meaning, you can often use it for another purpose.

The concept of “function, role, significance” of a substance is what a human made, it is not what the substance had from the beginning.

2017-11-27 13.34.27

In this way, “Spooner” may not be the name of a thing, but may be the name of the concept that refers to the task of giving new value while losing the original “function, role, significance” .
From now on I think that I would like to continue “creation
 with  spooner” .



This device was made using scrap.

Even if you feel that a message from outer space has arrived, that message may be your own inner voice.
Therefore, please do not give it to your child as a Christmas gift.
You do want to see disappointed facial expressions of children,do you?

Also, if you encounter a real alien, please do not use this device and interact with the aliens with your smile, song and poetry.

By making or using this device, I will not be responsible to you, no matter what you treat from an alien, family member or friends.


The inorganic “material itself” is given a role and turns into “a meaningful substance”


This is a picture of glass used for power generation unit.


 For waste other than glass, which became part of the message receiving device, please click here.

These are the wastes in which the meaning of the role is lost and it has become “naked figure”. However, by playing, a new role was given. In other words, it changed from “unintended substance” to “meaningful substance”.


Following is the past “Reproduction Art“Blog Series.

Though it is a site in Japanese, please also look at only pictures.
If necessary, please have the linguist decipher the Japanese.
If you do not have a linguist at your disposal, please use Google’s translation site.

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Reproduction Art No.6    Inspired by the movie ‘Arrival’, We created a message receiving device from the universe in Japan.    

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